To The Friends of The NightTigress!!
Herein are the other characters and their players that mine interact with.... Each character is listed under thier player's name.... Their descrips are below... I'll be sure to forward any questions to them as well ...... and PLEASE.. these characters are copyrighted their owners..just as mine are.. Pease respect that ! :)


Alexander^^(aka Mooly/furball/Alex): enters silently...his blonde hair is pulled into a pony tail reaching just above his waste and is freshly combed...he is wearing a pair of new jeans, a grey undershirt and a red plaid flannel shirt buttonned at the bottom and loosely but neatly tucked into his jeans...His face is becoming rugged again, making him look about 22 years of age <App. 4>His blue-grey eyes search about the cafe for anybody he might know. Around his neck hangs a small silver crucifix

D_Storm (aka Damon/Dammy/Storm): is 6'5, big and burly <app 4...biiiiiig!>, looking to be in his mid 30s...his broad shoulders and heavy weight physic are hidden under a black leather, studded jacket...he wears a tee-shirt and bracelet that proudly displays his love for Harley well as his biker boots that are accessorized with empty silver bullet casings strapped around the ankles...his eyes and hair both dark and his skin shows signs of German decention

^_Joe_^: enters...he is a young man about 24 in appearance <app. 3 average joe>> his faded blue jeans going well with the denim jacket he is wearing over a dark grey tee-shirt...only the words "Save smut" are not covered up by the jacket

Price: enters, a very pompous expression on his face and somewhat business like in the way he dresses. His blonde hair cut short in common yuppie fashion...he is dressed in a navy blue suit and tie and bares a wooden hook he walks the glimmer of a rolex watch is shown with each raise of his left arm.

Mac: wanders in...dressed as though he just didn't quite escape the eighties...blonde hair down to his waist, blue eyes, decked out in torn black jeans, a pair of black combat boots, and a Pantera Tee-shirt...<app 3>


Falkyn: wanders in and leans in the doorway he stands 6'1" his young features tell he can be no older than 28 <app 4>...he glances around his deep green eyes studying the details around him, long brown hair in a ponytail runs down over his black duster that sways loosly about him, he has a backpack on his shoulders and a black shirt tucked into his jeans a pair of nike on his feet.


DragonDagger: DragonDagger appears to be a young man of about 25, with a black, sleeveless Karate Gi that concrasts sharply to his pale white skin. He has blond hair that is tied back into a pony tail and reaches to his shoulders. He has Green eyes, and if one thought about it, they might even think that he is a twin or brother to Pan-Thar.. He carries a black, steel walking stick, and has 2 pairs of chucks strapped to his legs along the side, both steel and black
DragonDagger carries a small backpack, and has a mischievious twinkle in his eyes that could be either angelic, or very impish, but is very hard to Identify which.

Pan-Thar : Pan-Thar appears to be a young man of about 5'8", 25 or 26, with a black, sleeveless shirt, lightly tanned skin and black jeans. He has blond hair that reaches to his shoulders and blue eyes. He carries a silver colored cane of solid steel that bends at a right angle for the handle, and the many small dinks obvious on the shaft tell that it does more than support his weight for walking.
Pan-Thar also has a sheath with a dagger on his left leg, and it is attached by some tight leather straps, and a leather black backpack.


DarkCrow: is a young woman of about 20 and about 5'10. She wears a long black dress which comes down to her ankles covering the tops of her shin-high black boots. Her deep haunted violet eyes are set into a pale white face with strong but smooth features, her lips full and red seem like blood stained against the white of her skin. Her long black silver streaked hair flows
loosely about her, falling to her waist and each finger is adorned by a silver ring connected by tiny silver chains to a matching single bracelet upon each wrist.