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All About Nyara, the WereTigress

*NyaraSnowKyt .... in Common...NyaraKyt...
*A Bastet, or werefeline, of the tribe of Khan(tiger).
*Female, 22 winters old, standing at 6'2", 5'10" in human form.

I was rasied as a Scout and a Shaman for the Khan from kittenhood, and was sent on my last mission 3 years ago, to search for some sign of contact with our totem... to no avail....
A Black Spiral Dancer claimed my entire village... It is my deepest secret that it was my own mother who was that Black Spiral Dancer....I buried the bodies of my kin...and....well... that is a story best left untold to strangers....
I soon realized that my current mission was pointless...and devastated by the realized loss of all my kin and kind, I roamed aimlessly, haunting the dark shadows and places of the night
My natural gifts, besides my superior feline instincts, include the ability to heal myself and others, reading minds, and of course, the ability to assume human form at will, although I do not enjoy it, but do so out of neccessity. I was trained and became a master of archery and dagger-lore. There is of course, my hidden talent, unknown to all but me at present, the ability to put my allies or enemies in a hypnotic trance by a certain purr.....
I am an easy-going Bastet, considered almost genteel by my kin, although most humans find me a bit overbearing...I am quite playfull and mischivious until I feel that I or my kin or kind are threatened, at which point, my predator instincts, quickly come to the which point I am lethal, quickly overcoming any mortal...and a good match for most Leeches,...erm... Kindred..for which there are other means... Stay on my good side, and you'll not need to learn what the claws do best, my friend.

After an unpleasant encounter with a time mage, by the name of Price ... I find my entire world upside down... A marriage I had now never happend and cubs I bore were never born...yet I bear the meories and pain of their loss... I escaped back home to Ireland with my rediscovered brother, Jaryth, my Pride Chief and we two are the last of the SnowKyt Pride....In my homeland, and in the familair embrace of the Umbra.. I re-trained myself as Kahn... relearning what too much time among the leeches had made me forget.... I am myslef again... I am a SnowKyt once more.

Many oppurtunites await... I reclaimed my one true love, SilverBo|t, many trials and tests will appear to challenge our love... but he is strong as am I... and we will grow more so with time... I wait for the day to avenge my honor for insults and threats against my beloved... The wrongs will be righted.. my honor demands it.

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